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Diamond Humidifier

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Diamond Humidifier

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Bora
Model Number: Bora-8021
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Payment Terms: T/T, WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, CASH etc.

Diamond Humidifier


User Instruction

1.   Add water into the plastic bottle


 ① No essential oil or other viscous liquid can be added inside the bottle.

 ② Please do not use the water over 40℃ or it will become deformed and broken.

 ③ Please put the humidifier at even place.

 ④ The water inside the bottle should be enough to cover the cotton bar.

2.    Plug in the cotton bar until the cotton bar reaches up to the humidifier top.



 ① Clean the screw cap and the plastic bottle every time before the usage.


 ② Do not use the water that keeps for a long time.


3.    Connect the USB cable with the computer and press the LED control button.



 ①  Please do not assemble or damage the USB cable. And behaviors like twisting the USB cable by force, pressing it will cause harm like electric shock, short power or fire.

 ②  Please make sure the spray nozzle does not absorb any mist.

 ③ Please keep it at least 70cm away from the computer when connecting the humidifier with your computer.


Way to change the Screw cap

1). Open the humidifier bottom

Turn right to take off the screw cap

2). Change the screw cap

Take out the screw cap inside the humidifier and put the new screw cap in.

3). Close the cap

Turn left to close the cap


   Please use the bottle with its thread compatible with the screw cap.





Main Reason


      The USB cable cannot be plugged in

USB plug is not tight

    Plug in the USB cable again

      No mist comes out or small mist

     No enough water inside or the absorbent cotton bar is not soaked.

Please check the water volume and the humidity of the cotton bar.

       Peculiar smell

   The water keeps in the bottle for too long time.

    Pour out the water and add some new water

      Stop working suddenly

The humidifier will stop working automatically after 2hours

    Press the control button and restart the humidifier

       LED Light off

  The humidifier is on the light-off mode.

 Press the control button twice and restart the light-on mode.

       Weak mist

 The spray nozzle or the cotton bar is dirty

Clean the nozzle or the cotton bar


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