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Nano beauty sprayer

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Nano beauty sprayer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Bora
Model Number: Bora-8022
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Payment Terms: T/T, WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, CASH etc.

Nano beauty sprayer

Nano beauty sprayer


Nano beauty sprayer

Nano beauty sprayer

Major Function:

Make the liquid inside the water tank into nano-scale mist, which is easier to be absorbed by skin;

Keep the skin, hair moist at any time in any place;

Control the working time automatically; spray 30 seconds each time, stop spraying automatically after 30 seconds

Built-in li-poly battery  


Liquid Suitable to Fill at the Backside Water Tank

Clean water or liquid perfume

Water-based cosmetic liquid (Never use too sticky cosmetics)


It's forbidden to use together with the following medical machine to avoid the malfunction of the sprayer:

The medical electronic instruments used for the life maintenance like artificial heart and others.

Telemetering electrocardiography

If your skin is hurt or has eczema, please stop use the sprayer

Other cautions:

It's forbidden to use in other purposes beyond skin care.

It'sforbidden to change, decompose or repair the product.

The sprayer (except the water tank) is not water-proof. Thus, it's forbidden to wash this product with water.

It's forbidden to keep the machine in the place with the high temperature and too moisture or much oil.

Please cut the power immediately to stop the application and contact the repair workers if some abnormal situation such as overheating, abnormal smell or other case happens.

If there is some abnormal phenomenon on the skin (itch or pain), especially there is roseola on the skin, please stop the usage immediately.

The sprayer should be kept out of children's touch and it's forbidden to be used by children under 10 years old.

It's forbidden to use the thick astringent or the astringent with oil. Some liquid cosmetics need to add water inside.

It's forbidden to fill the sprayer with too much water in case that the water spills and that make the inside IC board wet.

When spraying, if the liquid enters into the eyes accidently, please wash your eyes with clean water immediately. If still feel bad, please go to see a doctor.

Push upward the sliding cap switch to cut off the power after the usage.



When there is dirty stuff around the nozzle, please clean the nozzle with cotton swab.

When there is water drop around the nozzle after adding water, please clean the nozzle with cotton swab; or lie the product down and push down the slide, have it misted automatically.

Push the sliding cap downward completely; when the working light is on shows it works normally.

When the mist is small, maybe the battery is out of power, please recharge for the product.

Do not use thick lotion to spray or add water to dilute.the thick lotion.

When the mist is small, please sway the sprayer several times, it may help increase the volume of mist.

Please clean the product according to following steps when it stops spraying by using cosmetic oil mistakenly:

Take out the water tank , clean the small hole slightly with alcoholed cotton swab.

Push downward the sliding cap switch; then clean the nozzle slightly with cotton swab;

It may need several times of such procedures, after that, adding clean water into the tank, it can be used again.

If the water inside the water tank runs out, please check if the tank and plug properly installed and dry it with tissue.



Never soak this product into water for cleaning.


Handy Mist Sprayer Specification:

Product Size: Length:112.5mm,Width: 35.5mm, Height: 25.5mm


Water Tank Size:Length:37mm,Width: 30.5mm, Height:10mm

Water Tank Volume:7mL


Battery:550mA/H Li-poly Battery

Charging Voltage:DC5V/500mA-1000mA

Charging Current:300mA

Spray Volume:1ml/Min

Standby Time Current:0mA(when close the sliding cap switch)

Working Current:280-350mA

Spraying Time:30 seconds each time after switching on

Working Time:after fully charged, it can use 120 times,30 seconds each time

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